Gambling advertising: A critical research review

Av: Per Binde, University of Gothenburg
Publicerad: 2014
Kategorier: Reklam och marknadsföring



Research about gambling advertising benefits from the following (some points are not applicable to all kinds of studies): Acknowledge that high consumption of gambling is not the same as problem gambling; any study of advertising impact on the individual level needs to make this distinction;

If exploring the impact of advertising on problem gambling, a clear definition of problem gambling should be used and there should be an explicit hypothesis about how advertising impact may relate to problem gambling according to that definition;

If using or implying a total consumption model, the complications of applying such a model to gambling should be addressed; Being informed by knowledge from econometric studies of advertising efficiency under various types of consumer market conditions;

Being inspired by the large body of theories and research in advertising and cultural studies concerning persuasion and messages in advertising;

In the future covering new modes of promotion, such as via social networks on the internet and “social gaming”.

The conclusion of this report is that although research on the impact of gambling advertising is methodologically challenging, it is possible to conduct studies that produce knowledge valuable for policy making, regulation and the responsible marketing of gambling. While current knowledge at best allows for evidence inspired policy and responsible marketing, there are good prospects of gaining more knowledge through future studies that