Marketing of Sports Betting and Racing.

Av: Sproston, K., C. Hanley, K. Brook, N. Hing & S. Gainsbury.
Publicerad: 2015
Kategorier: Reklam och marknadsföring


In the context of increased marketing activity associated with the expansion of the sports and race betting (wagering) industry, the study aimed to explore the impact of this marketing on gambling behaviour and intention among Australians, particularly on specific population subgroups: regular bettors, non-regular bettors, problem gamblers and adolescents. Key research questions were:  Does exposure to wagering marketing encourage gambling intention and behaviour?  If so, in what way does marketing impact upon target audiences?  Does such marketing create a relationship with gambling?  Does such marketing encourage gambling on other activities?  Does such marketing impact particularly upon vulnerable groups such as adolescents and at risk gamblers?