Prevention of Pathological Gambling in State-Owned Lottery Companies: Evaluation of Trainings for Lottery Retailers.

Av: Kalke, J.,Verthein, U., Buth, S. & Hiller, P.
Publicerad: 2011
Kategorier: Utbildning för personal och ombud


According to the German legal framework for gambling, the state-run and federally organized lottery companies are required to train the staff of lottery retailers. These trainings shall enable lottery retailers to identify clients at an early stage, who are at risk of developing a pathological gambling behavior or who are already pathological gamblers and to intervene adequately in these cases. Various training concepts were developed for different federal lottery companies: They range from basic, merely knowledge-based trainings to multiplier models and intensive trainings. The article at hand presents the evaluation results of the trainings for the personnel of 6 lottery companies by means of a summarizing analysis. The database of the study consists of the answers of 5191 participants. At the time of the survey 15% of the participants had not yet taken part in a training (N=781). The results of these participants were compared to those who had already attended a training (N=4 410). A main result of this evaluation is that trained personnel had a better knowledge than untrained personnel regarding the fields of legislation, of pathological gambling and of counseling and treatment services. The same is true for the results regarding the perception and handling of problem gamblers. These effects which were obviously generated by the trainings should be sustained by adequate measures, such as e. g. recurrent trainings.